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Do I have any admirers in Cornwall or Devon?

I'll be visiting in mid May and have some availability on the afternoon of 17th May.

I'd love to arrange a date before I head back to London so if you've been admiring me from afar...get in touch!

I reconnected with two lovers this week - someone I haven't seen since 2022 & someone I haven't seen since 2018!

The chemistry was still just as live as the first time we met. One of the many things I love about the fluid & unique nature of the connections we make in this world.

It’s my birthday! I’m getting together with some of my favourite people to do some of my favourite things 🥂

On a completely unrelated note, here’s a little something to say thank you for celebrating with me; maybe save this read for your lunch break…

A new blog about my love of swimming and hurling myself into very cold bodies of water

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  • I’m Amelia – a riot of curves and colour with a sharp, deviant mind and a soft, inviting body. A professional pleasure seeker & elite BBW kink companion based in London, I’m here for a good time – and I want to take you along with me. I revel in the luxurious and I know that if you’re seeking my company, you do too. Everything about me is just a little bit over-the-top – from my extreme proportions to my unapologetic sexuality. This might be too much for some people, but for those who know what they want, who know the importance of pleasure, I’m exactly what you desire. Whether you’re looking for a passionate lover to share intimacies with, a playful submissive to take in hand, or a statuesque Mistress who can bring you to your knees, I suppose the most important question is, your place or mine?
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