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Introducing world-class submissive escorts in London. These stunning subs are here to make your dreams of dominance come true with a limitless range of possibilities.

Whether you’re a seasoned dominant or just starting to explore the world of BDSM, these escorts offer a range of experiences. You can indulge in a variety of fantasies, from light domination to full submission, or even switch in between. 

We believe that finding and booking a submissive escort in London should be an effortless process, which is why we provide you with all the tools needed to call and book direct.

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If you’re looking for a thrilling and unforgettable experience with a submissive escort in London, have a browse below through our directory. With a vast selection of models to choose from, reliable and trusted reviews, and an easy booking process, we make sure that you have everything you need to explore your deepest desires to dominate.

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A Story of submission

You sensed I needed to be dominated pretty soon after we met.  I don’t know how but you kinda read it in me.  It was probably after three or four sessions that you suggested that I dressed in leather.  We started with tight leather trousers.  Then came a quarter cup bra and briefs to match.  Then the thigh boots.  And now this harness and BDSM set. You chose it.  I bought it. We both adore it.

You know I like being restrained.  I like the way the harness holds me tight and squeezes my breasts.  Most of all I like the way it centres on my parts, whose lips peak out of the leather straps on my groin.

You also shackled my ankles.  They are part of this bondage set. There are some matching handcuffs and gag, too.  I like it when my movements are limited.  I cannot move freely.  The more I am constrained the greater the intensity of touch. So my linked legs add further to my pleasure. And to your pleasure, too.

submission escort London

You are now gazing at the paddle.  I pick it up.  You love to spank me with it.  We love to use it on me.  I tap my inner thigh, just as you sometimes do. And then, oh so gently, I lightly slap my groin until it starts to tingle.

Your look tells me that I am now ready.  I put the paddle aside.  It has served its purpose.  I am now ready for penetration.  But not by you.  Not now.  Normally you would tell me what to do as we make love.  You would tell me to lick the underside of your manhood. Or to take me from behind.  Or to hold my nipple in your mouth.  Or to rub my bean as you lick it.  

But today you are silent.  Today, for once, it’s up to me as your submissive woman.  But the silence – your silence – commands.

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