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Meet Tall Escorts in London

It’s a common stereotype that men prefer shorter women as romantic partners. However, some men actually find tall escorts more attractive. In fact, there are many short men who are very attracted to tall escorts, and there are a number of reasons why this might be the case. Tall or Amazonian-statured women have many appealing traits if you’re able to get over the height gap insecurity!

What’s the appeal with taller women?

One theory is that some men are attracted to tall escorts because they appreciate the confidence and self-assuredness of taller women. Being a tall woman can be an asset as these women have learned to embrace their height and feel proud of their stature, and this confidence can be very attractive.

Another reason that some men may prefer tall women is simply because they have longer legs, which can be very fun and appealing for a number of reasons. Additionally, some men find the contrast between their shorter height and a taller partner to be visually appealing and exciting. Have you tried being with a taller woman? Who knows you might just like it!

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