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Welcome to London’s most comprehensive escort directory. We aren’t your typical escort listings site offering a range of models with prices to choose from. We offer the opportunity to experience a safe and transparent platform where clients and escorts are valued at the same level.

We are not an agency you can call to book a model, instead we are the largest directory and collection of escort agencies, independent escorts, and adult services that provide services to clients and to the industry. We are driven by reviews from the community to have a better understanding of the services that are offered in London. 

Our aim is to be as encompassing as possible. We look to cover frequently asked questions and de-mystify the escort world for newcomers. We also aim to be as inclusive as possible within the legal parameters of the UK. We have listed every kink and sexual niche that we can think of, but if we’ve missed anything, definitely let us know 🙂

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Why London?

London is the home to the prettiest escorts in Europe. While it remains a grey area, finding and booking an escort is not a problem. The hardest part is choosing which companion you would like to spend your time with. Practically every niche and kinky can be found in London. Whether you’re into BBW or BDSM or Feet, you can find it here. Not to mention the endless amounts of ethnicities that can be found like Indian, Arab, Ebony, and more.

Our goal is to provide the best escort guidance in London. Choose a companion from our vast catalogue of profiles according to your taste and need. Book a kinky companion now to rock your bed and to fulfil your fantasies. Our directory has the most diverse escorts in London and enlists them on our websites to make it one of the most incredible experiences. Ladies from LEA are all manually approved and verified before they are added to our database.

We advertise some of the most unique and niche services in London. You can choose from a variety of service according to your need: domination, rough-sex, hand-jobs, travel companion, fetishes and much more. We attract the most stunning females, who do their best to guarantee satisfaction. See real reviews to get a better idea of your next date. 


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Independent Escort FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

An independent escort acts on her own accord and manages her own bookings. There is no intermediary between an independent escort and the client. She dictates when, how and why. Independents can refuse bookings, extend bookings, or travel for as long as they like. Agency escorts operate based on daily availability and limited booking schedules.

Independent escorts work for themselves and manage their own rates, and marketing. They are solely responsible for finding and screening their clients, arranging appointments, and handling payments. Independent escorts typically have more control over their work and may be able to charge higher rates, but they also bear the full risk of any safety or legal issues that may arise.

On the other hand, escorts who work for agencies are employed by a company that provides them with administrative and marketing support, including arranging appointments, screening clients, and handling payments. Agencies often have a pool of clients and can match them with escorts based on the clients’ preferences and the escorts’ availability. Escorts who work for agencies may have less control over their work and rates, but they benefit from the safety and security of working with an established company that has a reputation to uphold.

Everyone likes to show their best side in their pictures. Our agencies and independent escorts are no different in this regard. However, we do have mechanisms to help you validate your experience with the Verified mark, which appears on many profiles. These are profiles that we can vouch for. However, always leave a review of your experience to help others like you answer those questions. In the worst case scenario, you can report a profile and we will investigate these models accordingly. 

Independent escorts provide a much different experience than agency escorts. Why? Independents tend to be more educated and not as reliant on escorting as a main source of income. They are usually well spoken and have their own websites to showcase their profiles. This is not to say that agency girls aren’t any of the above; however, on average, these are the differences between the two. Independents also do their own marketing, whereas an agency escort relies on the agency to bring them new clients. 

Escort Agency FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Each agency operates slightly differently from others. Some agencies offer credit card payments while others only deal with cash. Some offer only incall or only outcall. Some agencies specialise in different niches like domination, kinky, or high end girlfriend experiences. We have the best agencies across London with reviews left by clients like you. Whether it be a tried and tested agency or a new agency, check them out and find one that provides the best value and experience. 

Agencies typically provide a wide range of companions to choose from. Models can cost hundreds per hour, and some can cost less than £150 per hour. The reason for the price variances is usually tied to the experience and looks of the model. Some agency escorts are there just to get to the point of pleasing without much conversation or rapport building. While others will charge a bit more as they take the time to get to know you which can lead to a much better experience, if that’s what you’re looking for!

Yes and no. Some agencies just like other businesses engage in unethical behaviour and practices that don’t have the clients in mind. Some of these behaviours include overbooking girls, uploading fake photos, and sending the wrong girl out for an outcall hoping you’ll pay anyway. We don’t condone these business practices and these agencies should be reviewed to warn everyone else of their bad behaviour. You can also report agencies to us that engage in unethical practices and we will investigate for policy violations. 

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