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Are you craving the raw, wet and warm sensation? These extremely kinky escorts don’t want any barriers between you and their mouth. They want you to experience every texture, feeling and couture of their mouths and tongue. Barriers like rubber only get in the way of experiencing their true skills and talents their technique. However, don’t expect this immediately, trust is absolutely key to the OWO experience. Build rapport, communicate and make sure you’re clean in every sense of the word before enjoying this new frontier. 

What is OWO? 

Quite simply, OWO means Oral Without any barriers. Escorts use barriers in virtually every form of contact with their clients to protect themselves, and to protect their clients. However, some escorts are willing to perform oral without in certain circumstances. This usually happens when an escort has built up a level of trust with a client and has seen him one or more times. Remember, they always reserve the right for you to wear a barrier. OWO should be thought as a privilege, not a right! 

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