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Meet London's Age Play Escorts

Age play escorts fulfil your daddy’s little girl ( DDLG ) fetish fantasies with no hesitation. Request special outfits from school girl to babysitter when you spend time with one of these naughty little girls.

What is considered Age Play?

Although considered taboo, age play is a form of role playing where the escort pretends to act an age much younger than she is. This can go back to early teens or even as a toddler. It’s the perfect way to live out your taboo fantasy of spending time with a DDLG escort. These playmates love to dress up in school girls uniform or cheerleader outfits and tease you while you encounter their young and virgin bodies for the first time. 

We have many kinky companions for you to choose from for your fantasy of playing as a young girl or you playing as young man encountering an older woman for the first time. It can go either way – explore the roles

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Independent Age Play Escorts

Agency Age Play Escorts

Roles in Age Play


Littles are individuals who enjoy taking on a childlike persona during play and having a caregiver role, without any sexual connotations. They often engage in innocent activities such as cuddling and colouring to escape adult responsibilities.


Middles are individuals who take on the role of a teenager in age play, enjoying being a little naughty or bratty, and sometimes reenacting youthful sexual encounters. They may also enjoy being punished by their partner in an adult role. 



Bigs are the adult counterpart in age play, taking on the role of a strict daddy, nurturing mommy, or other authoritative figure. The power dynamic and persona are up to the individuals involved.

Daddy Doms

Daddy doms and DD/lg relationships involve a dominant partner who takes on a nurturing and protective role, often spoiling their submissive. Punishment is for the submissive’s own good, and the daddy persona does not always involve a father-daughter dynamic which can include incest play.

Mommy Dommes

Mommy dommes, as a form of Femdom, use affectionate coercion and punishment to bend their submissives to their will, with a nurturing and gentle dynamic. The power dynamic can be deeply sensual and appealing to individuals who are used to being authoritative in their professional lives.

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