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Who says women don’t age well? These mature companions are a cut above the rest. Experience brings amazing abilities and knowing how best to provide pleasure. They possess pearls of wisdom and a knowledge of all the tricks in the book.

What’s considered a MILF?

Many women consider themselves mature from 40+, however, the range can vary widely from 40’s all the way until 70’s. Older escorts are often sought after simply because they provide a warmer and softer approach than younger escorts. Where a DDLG escort will want you to baby them, a mature escort will baby and cater to you. Expect the familiar motherly experience as these companions love to make you feel comfortable and stress free. Let them take away all your concerns as you lay your head between their legs as they gently stroke your hair. Additionally, you can experience teacher, step-mother or auntie roleplay scenarios with these older kinky ladies.

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