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Hi, my name is Jasmine. I am an Indian lady from the north. I moved to London when I was 13 years old. I am going to tell you a quick story about my experience with my first vibrator ☺️.

My sexual and kinky appetite had ramped up to ravenous at this point. I slid the large silver vibe into my body. I was now able to accommodate almost its entire length and it felt so satisfying. Biting back a groan I set about touching myself with intent now, all stealth and tease abandoned. No more Mrs Nice Guy! I wanted to come hard and fast and this silver vibrator was my weapon of choice. As I pumped it in and out I couldn’t stop visualising men which I’d seen on the streets of London. I imagined I was riding one as it pounding vigorously, driving me tirelessly towards a climax. My wrist movement was relentless and rhythmical. My exotic Indian lips deep throat and dragged against the glossy sides of the vibe, begging it to plunder deeper, harder and with greater speed.

Soon the waves building within urged me to press my thighs together while my legs tried to straighten. As pleasure began to overwhelm me my core muscles tweaked and spasmed. Finally, the huge tidal wave of throbbing which had been urging me, driving me relentlessly to ride my vibrating silver stallion, broke over me. I gasped with relief and ecstasy, washed up on the shore of my climax. Each abating wave of aftershock lapped against me, making me sigh and moan with delight as I was caressed with pleasant sensation.

To eke out my orgasm I sat up, spreading my legs apart to tease the vibe at my entrance, where the muscles were strongest. I hoped that the camera was picking up the throbs my body was making. As I teased my bean with the vibrator, coated and slippery with my juices, I felt confident that this would be a multi-orgasmic day, because already renewed hunger was building within me.

With a smug smile to myself, I set aside the long vibrator on the basin. Then I scooped up my long black hair with some pins, piling my curls atop my head. I stepped carefully into the bath, because my legs were weak like a new-born foal from my recent climax.

The hot water was blissful, it felt like coming home. I sank my rump into the warm, bubbly liquid, ensuring I put on a show for the camera. Using languid, strokes I began to wash my brown body. As I stroked the folds of myself I felt insistent tingles of lust. I was amazed at the extent it had swelled during my indulgent playtime.