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Spanking Escorts in London

Spanking is one of the most enjoyable experiences for both the spanker and the escort receiving the spanking. Escorts that love spanking enjoy the very sensation of force against their backside. They want you to leave a temporary handprint that shows your force and domination over their bodies. 

The Spanking Experience

Spanking can be experienced in various forms. However, roleplay and domination are the two most popular scenarios. In a roleplay session, the escort can play the role of the naughty DDLG (daddy’s little girl) and desire punishment as spanking for misbehaving. In a domination setting, you’re simply showing the escort you demand respect and showing them your forceful but controlled power on their body.  Whatever you choose or even if it’s your first time, it’s bound to be a great experience for both as long as you communicate boundaries and expectations. Get in contact with one of the sexy spanking escorts below and start showing them who’s boss!

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