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Princess Louise, 208 High Holborn, London, England WC1V 7BW, United Kingdom

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One of my favourite coffee shops to hide away in and listen to my favourite soundtrack- Acid jazz and millennial angst. I don't think anywhere serves better coffee or has a decor that's simply me, more than this one.

A very good morning for both of us involves you slowly savouring the texture, sweetness and flavour contained within my...bircher.

Had a lovely lunch date in a very corporate space, but exquisite food and the company is what matters most. Always.

First time having Ceviche, (won't be the last) and my date amazed me by ordering in Spanish! Such a sensual language. This surprise made the perfect starter.

This hazy sun we're blessed with takes me back to a fave holiday. Every day I'd walk up a steep cobbled street and pass a tiny lingerie shop. Resisted until the last day! This one's special to me as in one of my cultures, pre abrahamic religions, the moons/stars were deities.

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